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Orange County Lightning Damage Claims Attorney

A lightning strike to your home or business is an unanticipated, dangerous, and frightening event. Unfortunately, lightning strikes are a common occurrence in Florida. The most common issue with lightning strikes is an electrical surge that causes damage to the contents of your home, including your appliances, electronics, and electrical fixtures. Additionally, lightning can even set the property on fire. Policyholders often fail to recognize the seriousness of the lightning damage done to their property when they are filing a lightning damage claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies will take advantage of this and attempt to pay out less compensation than you are owed.

If your home or business has been damaged by a lightning strike and you are filing a lightning damage claim, you need Metts Legal. We have years of experience helping property owners with lightning damage claims fight against unfair insurance companies and get the compensation they deserve. Attorney Derek Metts understands that recovering compensation for lightning damage can be difficult. He is here to help you with top-notch legal representation in your fight against the big insurance companies. Do not hesitate to call Metts Legal today at (321) 422-0430 for help with your lightning damage claim.

Why Choose Metts Legal?

Insurance companies will always try to protect their bottom line and pay out as little compensation as possible to policyholders who are filing claims. They will push for an early settlement amount that is unfair to the policyholder. Additionally, insurance companies have skilled representatives and attorneys on their side to work on claims. When it comes to lightning damage, insurance companies have the power in their hands to determine the extent of damage done to your home because the lightning damage is often hidden and difficult to calculate. It is critical that you have an attorney on your side that understands the difficulties associated with lightning damage claims. An attorney will also help you negotiate a fair compensation deal with the big insurance company.

Metts Legal has years of experience helping individuals with their lightning damage claims. We understand that lightning leads to hidden, hard to find damage that should be covered under the insurance policy. You need the skilled legal representation of Attorney Derek Metts on your side to help you determine the full extent of the damage and receive the compensation you deserve. Metts Legal will work to get you the money you are owed according to your policy. Contact us at (321) 422-0430 today.

Lightning Damage Cases We Handle

Lightning can cause serious damage to your property. In addition to direct damage, it may cause:

  • Electrical shortages
  • Damage to electronics or appliances
  • Fires
  • Damage from fallen trees
  • Pinhole plumbing leaks

Damage to electronics can occur when lightning directly strikes your home, nearly strikes your property or causes a ground surge in a large region. To help get the compensation you deserve with your lightning damage claim, please call Metts Legal at (321) 422-0430.

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At Metts Legal we understand how difficult insurance companies can be when it comes to handling lightning damage claims. They will often be tricky when determining the extent of the damage and attempt to pay out an insufficient amount of compensation. Attorney Derek Metts provides knowledgeable representation that will help you get the most out of your insurance claim if your property has been damaged by lighting. Call us today at (321) 422-0430 for help with your claim.

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